About Us

We are a team of ‘ice cool’ polar enthusiasts who believe that the Arctic and Antarctic are some of the most interesting places on this planet, even if they are the least well understood.

This site provides a helpful resource for anyone interested in the polar regions, from the climate to the animals that live there.

Everything on this site is backed by research and science with our resources referenced throughout. We have a strong editorial process with expert fact-checkers to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

We pride ourselves on sharing the most in-depth and well-researched content on the internet. If you have any feedback, we welcome your comments via our contact page.

Who We Are

Our Contributors:

Kieren Windsor, Site Founder

Kieren is the founder of Polar Guidebook. After visiting both of the polar regions and meeting the scientists and tour guides that work there, he developed a keen interest in the animals, climate, and geography of the Arctic and Antarctica.

Dr. Jackie Symmons, Editor and Fact Checker

Dr. Jackie Symmons is a professional ecologist with a Ph.D. in Ecology and Wildlife Management from Bangor University and over 25 years of experience delivering conservation projects.

Michael Hambrey in Antarctica

Professor Michael Hambrey, Climate Change, Glaciology and Antarctica Expert

Michael Hambrey is Emeritus Professor at Aberystwyth University, Wales. He is one of the leading researchers in the Polar regions: he’s spent 12 seasons in Antarctica and over 20 seasons in the Arctic conducting glaciological and geological fieldwork. Since ‘retiring’ he has undertaken many cruises as a lecturer/guide on polar expedition ships. He has written over 200 scientific articles and books, and twice been awarded the Polar Medal by the late Queen Elizabeth II (1989 and 2012), awarded the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research  (2018). He also has had Hambrey Cliffs on James Ross Island named in his honour. Mike served as Secretary of the Geosciences Group of SCAR (2008-2012), as well as many other international organisations. 

Vikki Smith, Animal Expert

Vikki Smith is a consultant ecologist and freelance science writer living in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a Ph.D. in Ecology and a particular interest in invertebrates.

Gaby Pilson, Travel Expert

Gaby is a polar expedition guide and experienced outdoor educator with a passion for all things Arctic and Antarctic.

We are looking to expand our team with more enthusiasts, experts, and scientists so that we can bring even more insight to our readers. Interested in joining us? See our recruitment page.

Our Goals

At Polar Guidebook, our goals are to:

Share helpful and reliable information about the polar regions, backed by science.
Promote ways to reduce climate change and its impacts on the Arctic and Antarctica.
Inspire our readers to become as enthusiastic about the polar regions as we are.
Provide helpful tips for anyone looking to visit the Arctic and Antarctica.

Things We Cover

This site is continually growing, and we hope to provide information about every aspect of life in the polar regions. Some of the things we cover include:

  • The climate, geology, and history of the polar regions
  • Facts about the polar regions
  • The animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica, and how they adapt to the extreme weather
  • Impacts of climate change on the polar ice caps and how this affects the world
  • Tips for visiting these remote locations at the ends of our planet

Get in Touch

Do you have questions about the arctic that you’d like answered or are you interested in partnering with us on a project? Get in touch and one of our experts or our chief editor will get back to you.